A Few Important Ventura, CA Facts

Located northwest of Los Angeles, Ventura, California offers all of the fun in the sun, beaches, and excitement that you find elsewhere in the state. However, Ventura sets itself apart from other cities in the state because it simply offers an ambiance that you cannot find anywhere else. If you are searching for a great city to call home, perhaps Ventura is worth a look. Want to know more about Ventura, California?

The City’s Name

Did you know that Ventura is actually called San Buenaventura? Locals and of course people throughout the U.S. shorten the name to Ventura to make pronunciation easier. Ventura des offer a nice ring to it.

Ideal Weather

No matter the month of the year, the weather in Ventura is absolutely perfect. Any day is a good day for a trip to the beach or another outdoor activity that you enjoy. Rain is infrequent in Ventura, leaving one less worry for anyone that wants to be outdoors as often as possible.

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Rent Prices

There’s a plethora of single-family homes, apartments, and condos for rent ventura ca in sizes for small and large families alike. The neighborhood that you select to call your own definitely affects the rental rates, which average $2,042 monthly for a two-bedroom unit and $1,864 for a one-bedroom unit.

An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Haven

The many beaches in Ventura make for an amazing day any day of the year. There are also many more options nearby, including the Pacific Ocean, Los Padres State Park, the Ventura Botanical Gardens, and more. As a resident of Ventura, there is never a shortage of awesome fun to pick from.

Ventura offers everything a person needs for quality living. Before you head out for a move, get to know more about this great city and your new home.